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Enrich your physical environment. Create spaces for yourself and others that reflect your values, tastes, and needs.

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What’s the key to putting together a great room, one that makes you want to be there?  How do we go about thinking it through?  We start at the beginning:  the outer dimensions, doors, windows and other openings.  Aside from dictating furniture placement by your movements through the room, the room structure usually “asks” for the right combinations.  Learn how to listen to your room in this class. And for the aesthetics of the room, look no further than your own soul.  Let’s learn how to understand what colors, shapes and styles make you feel right in a room, and how to put them together so that they feel right.


Instructor : Marcie Cooperman 

Tuition: $69.00

Schedule : Weekly - Mon 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM; 3 sessions; starting 2/26/2018, ending 3/12/2018

Location : Montclair, MPL - Main Location : 
  Montclair, MPL - Main.

Materials Cost: $0.00

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Let the Master Gardeners help you get started planning an attractive, functional garden and landscape.  We'll talk about  principles of garden design, how to use color effectively, what plants to use (and not use!), some basic hardscaping, and how to keep everything looking good once your garden is planted.


Instructor : Dennis Hillerud 

Tuition: $25.00

Schedule : Weekly - Tue 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM; starting 2/27/2018, ending 2/27/2018

Location : Montclair, MPL - Main Location : 
  Montclair, MPL - Main.

Materials Cost: $0.00

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Farmhouse to Table will demonstrate how the Saison or Farmhouse style of beer echoes and compliments the funky, farmy soft-rinded cheeses of the Old World. Then we’ll learn about the highest-trending style in the country, the IPA, and it’s sharp cheese pairability in a section I like to call Bitter & Better with Cheddar. Lastly, we’ll take a look at the concept of dessert beer and cheese in a Sweet & Savory demonstration of how the rich and silky Stout style of beer plays with creamy salty bleu cheese.


Instructor : Veronica Kalas 

Tuition: $29.00

Schedule : Weekly - Wed 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM; starting 2/28/2018, ending 2/28/2018

Location : Montclair, Amanti Vino Location : 
  Montclair, Amanti Vino.

Materials Cost: $30.00

Please read: Students must be over 21. A material fee of ...More

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