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There's a piece of common wisdom that says: "If anyone ever asks you where a quote is from, just say 'Hamlet'"!  Verily, no other piece of literature (except for the Good Book itself) is so often quoted - is, indeed, so quotable:  "To be or not to be..."; "to the manor born..."; Hamlet is the most famous play ever.  Virtually everyone, of any level of education, in any culture, has at least heard of it.  Most people can quote something from it.  It remains to be known, however, how many people actually know this most famous of plays.  How many have actually read it?  Well, here is a chance to be one of those few - those "happy few"!  (No, that one's not from Hamlet, actually...)   Over the course of five weeks, students in this class will, one act a week, read Hamlet, out loud, in its entirety.  Professional actor/teacher/director Geoffrey Owens will preside, annotating the reading with his perspective on both the literary and theatrical aspects of the drama.  No previous acting experience is necessary - only a copy of the play and a willingness to participate. 


Instructor : Geoffrey Owens 

Tuition: $99.00

Schedule : Weekly - Thu 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM; 5 sessions; starting 9/28/2017, ending 10/26/2017

Location : Montclair, MPL - Main Location : 
  Montclair, MPL - Main.

Materials Cost: $0.00

Please read: Students MUST bring a copy of the play.

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